Are you in the Distribution Business?

Is aACE the Right Software for You?

Multi-channel distribution businesses and complex retail can benefit from a host of capabilities and features in aACE. Sophisticated order and inventory management systems, drop shipment support, and point-of-sale payment entry are only a few of aACE’s extensive distribution-focused features.

Order Management For Distributors

Product Alternatives and Upgrades

The aACE order entry interface provides links for alternative products and upgrades. Alternative products might include generic or premium versions. Upgrades might include complimentary items, service agreements, or warranties.

Flexible Payment Options at Point-of-sale

aACE’s payment dialog supports cash payments, fully PCI-compliant credit card processing, a “bill me” option for clients with extended payment terms, and the ability to apply account credits.


Automate shipment confirmations and accelerate payment with supported ecommerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Amazon.

Back-Order Low Inventory

Order entry personnel can see available inventory balances and quickly investigate existing demand and anticipated shipments. Items can be flagged as back-ordered at point-of-sale or via the pick process. Receipt of back-ordered goods will auto-generate the necessary outgoing shipments.

Products and Pricing

Robust Pricing and Commissions

aACE supports fixed prices, mark-up and margin percentages, specific client discounts, group discounts, and volume pricing. Rates can be set up for promotions or individual customers.

Commissions Management

Commissions can be fixed amounts, a percentage of the price, or a percentage of the margin. Commissions can change depending on the volume of units sold.

Auto-update Product Costs and Cost-based Prices

aACE can be configured to automatically update the estimated cost for an item based on purchasing activity within a selected number of days. This process automatically updates margin and mark-up based prices and eliminates the need to manage estimated costs.

Establish Margin Controls and Notifications

aACE can send notifications automatically if an item is sold with a margin less than a selected percentage. Know if your margin is being squeezed by increasing vendor prices or overly aggressive sales personnel.

Units of Measure

In aACE Preferences, custom units of measure can be set. Additional conversion factors provide flexibility for your business’s specific needs.

Inventory and Procurement

Automatic Inventory Replenishment

aACE’s inventory replenishment features can auto-generate purchase orders when an item’s balance falls below the reorder threshold. The process chooses the preferred vendor, sets a quantity that will restore the item’s balance to its target balance, and sends a notification to the procurement group with a link back to the newly created purchase orders.

Track Procurement Progress and Conversations

Procurement managers can set the tracking status of the purchase order, record conversations, and scheduled follow ups in order to ensure that the product is properly delivered.

Know your vendors

aACE automatically creates vendor and product associations based on purchasing activity. Product managers can enter the product code, procurement lead time, and MSRP for each vendor.


Complex warranty and recall requirements call for an advanced inventory management engine. aACE makes it easy to manage serialized and lot-tracked items, such as electronic components and consumables.

Mobile Pick App for Paperless Picking

Prevent mistakes during the pick process and eliminate paper pick lists. aACE’s Pick App for iPad with integrated bluetooth barcode scanning ensures that the correct product is picked every time.

Barcoded Pick Lists and Product Labeling

Easily implement barcodes by printing them from aACE, then using an iPad / iPhone camera and FileMaker native scanning. Print barcodes from aACE using CODE 128, a linear barcode that is supported by most scanners.

Mobile App for Inventory Counting

Counting inventory to confirm stock levels can be a tedious task. Use the aACE Inventory Counter App for iPad and a laser barcode scanner to always know what you have on hand.

Landed Costs and Inventory Valuation

Determine the actual margin for your products and establish proper sales prices by incorporating landed costs into your inventory value calculations.

Manage Multiple Warehouses and Trucks

aACE contains a robust bin management featureset allowing for multiple warehouses, default locations for receiving new material or returns, and transit bins for material on the move between warehouses.


Pick, Pack, and Ship

aACE features robust processes for managing the pick, pack, and ship process. Our Shipping Log module supports incoming shipments (receiving), outgoing shipments, and both incoming and outgoing returns.


Streamline your pack and ship process. aACE integrates with NRG, ShipStation, and ReadyShipper shipping software, providing support for UPS, FedEx, USPS, and a variety of LTL carriers.


With the click of a button you can automatically generate purchase line items for each shipment since the last statement, turning monthly statements from your couriers into your easiest purchases to enter and reconcile.

Drop Shipping Made Easy

Drop shipping and special ordering allow you to offer a wide range of products to your customers without the overhead costs of storing and managing inventory. When aACE auto-generates a purchase order for drop shipped items, it also sends a notification to the procurement group with a link back to the newly created purchase orders. Order entry personnel can also manage the procurement process directly from the sales order if applicable.