For a Company Switching from Windows to Mac, aACE Offers Best of Both Worlds

For a Company Switching from Windows to Mac, aACE Offers Best of Both Worlds

“The support provided for aACE is nothing short of outstanding.” -Bumkee Kim, President, Janibell

When Janibell, formerly known as Sinclair Worldwide, called aACE, they knew they needed a new solution. Their current solution was slow, they wanted to grow their business using Mac hardware and software, and many aspects of their operations that could be automated required tedious data entry. Moving to aACE was the perfect solution. It offered substantial performance improvements, leveraged cross-platform technologies, and through customization the developers at aACE were able to automate many aspects of SWI’s operations that were previously manual.


High Performance

Prior to implementing aACE, Janibell was using a prominent order management software solution that fell short of their expectations. It was clunky, slow, and generally lacked the features necessary to meet their growing business needs. aACE is a flexible software solution that can be tailored to meet the particular needs of almost any business.

eCommerce Integration

Janibell’s previous software solution did not integrate seamlessly with their eCommerce solution, causing countless headaches as the staff had to manually move information between the two. aACE can be customized to integrate seamlessly with existing solutions to eliminate the need for messy and time-consuming work-arounds.

Mac Environment

As they began looking into replacing their old software solution, the team at Janibell also decided to convert their IT environment to Macs. They found that most solutions did not fit their needs and weren’t Mac-compatible, but aACE is a cross-platform business management solution for Mac and PC that can even run on both in one office. The team at aACE can also recommend Apple Authorized Service Providers that provide exceptional IT services for Mac-based business, making the transition even easier.


Streamlined Operations

aACE has automated many of the processes that Janibell staff used to have to do by hand, allowing them to streamline their retail operations. aACE integrates with their eCommerce solution so that orders created in both of Janibell’s websites are imported into aACE every morning, as are orders created manually by Janibell’s staff or downloaded from their call centers.

Fewer Lost Orders

Pending credit card transactions are created automatically. A Janibell employee posts all pending credit card transactions as a batch once or twice per day. This process is user-initiated so that Janibell’s staff can personally follow up with customers whose credit cards have failed, preventing Janibell from losing those orders. Transactions that are fully automated and processed via the website run this risk.

Automated Shipping

Shipping records are created automatically only when cards are successfully charged. This portion of the solution was customized to account for individually prepackaged products such that a quantity of “3” on an order creates three distinct shipment records. Shipping records are sent to a FedEx terminal periodically throughout the day. Janibell’s warehouse staff simply affix the labels to the prepackaged goods and place them for pick-up.


Here’s what Janibell’s President, Bumkee Kim, has to say about the results of their aACE implementation:

“aACE is a great all-around package that also offers flexibility and excellent design. The aACE user interface features a clean layout and shows that much thought and care went into the development of the software. We feel confident that aACE will serve Janibell for a long time.”

Download Janibell’s Case Study

Do you or someone you know need a change from one-size-fits-all ERP tools? Check out our videos to learn more about whether aACE business management software for Mac and PC can help accelerate your company.

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