Restylers’ Choice Maximizes Email Marketing with aACE+ VerticalResponse Integration

Restylers’ Choice Maximizes Email Marketing with aACE+ VerticalResponse Integration

“Since moving to aACE+ VerticalResponse we have been able to keep our mailing lists much more up-to-date. Our email marketing campaign has grown exponentially since introducing this system, and we are seeing excellent results. The best part is that it is super simple for us to use, making it much more likely to be used time and time again.”   —Doug Jacobs, co-Founder and President, Restylers’ Choice

Before their aACE implementation, Restylers’ Choice struggled to manage over 4,000 email addresses without enlisting the help of the owner of the company—a highly competent information analyst in his own right—to export every contact’s email address from their existing accounting program, AcctVantage. Now, Restylers’ Choice is not only able to compile precise lists of customers segmented by their purchasing history and product interest, they are also able to seamlessly upload those contacts and manage any number of email campaigns with Vertical Response.


Contact Management

Prior to aACE, the team at Restylers’ Choice did not have a way to easily manage, update, or organize their single list of email addresses. Instead, they had to enlist the help of owner Doug Jacobs to export contacts from their existing system, AcctVantage, and then manually remove duplicate or invalid email addresses before uploading the final mailing list. Lists generated with the aACE CRM tool integrate with Vertical Response for automated contact management.

Newsletter Generation

Restylers’ Choice depended on newsletter templates built using Microsoft Word’s mail merge feature, a viable yet time-consuming alternative to dedicated email marketing services. Looking to leverage as many aACE features as possible, Restylers’ Choice turned to Vertical Response, in part because of the seamless integration with aACE but also because Vertical Response offers tools for creating professional-looking newsletters at the simple click of a button.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Under their old system, once an email newsletter was sent the Restylers’ Choice team had no way of tracking their audience’s response. aACE+ Vertical Response Integration tracks who opens an email, when they open it, what they click on, and how the email campaign translates to incoming revenue.


One-Click Email Marketing

By directly integrating aACE’s customer relationship management software for Mac and PC with Vertical Response, Restylers’ Choice was able to bypass much of the time-consuming aspects of email marketing and focus instead on designing highly effective newsletters.

Streamlined Newsletter Production

Vertical Response offers many beautifully-designed templates that allow companies to easily generate newsletters without the need of dedicated, on-staff graphic designers. Anybody can create and tweak newsletters from the simplest company announcement to complex product launches, leaving their customers with the distinct—and accurate—impression that every detail has been accounted for.

Integrated Tracking and Reporting Tools

Getting the campaign out the door is only a portion of successful email marketing. One of Restylers’ Choice’s best-loved features of Vertical Response is the ability to track all of their campaigns, including open and click-through rates, to see who is responding to their efforts and what, precisely, they are responding to. Powerful reporting tools allow Restylers’ Choice to gauge not only the success of their email marketing campaigns but also the value of them.

Only the Beginning

In the first few months of using aACE+ Vertical Response, Restylers’ Choice sent out 10 email campaigns to over 4,000 contacts, for a grand total of 40,000 emails in a matter of months.


Here’s what Doug Jacobs, co-founder and President of Restylers’ Choice, and Lane Carter, Director of Sales and Marketing, have to say about their aACE+ Vertical Response integration:

“Before, we weren’t able to present our new product highlights and alerts very well due to an inability to update and process existing client mailing lists, which were often outdated and filled with holes. Now we can export mailing lists seamlessly with our aACE platform every Monday.”

“aACE is perfect for many different types of businesses. It handles inventory very well, projects, general accounting…. Due to the nature of the system, and the idea to customize it for a specific business need, it is really a good fit for almost all business types.”

“After 27 years with Restylers’ Choice, 2018 was time for us to sell the business and move on to new adventures. Two things stood out — what aACE had done for our company’s success and the vast aACE knowledge we had accumulated. So we decided to become an aACE Partner. Today, Kathy and I are able to leverage our aACE knowledge, general business experience, and our education in accounting to provide a unique combination of expertise for our clients across the country.”

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