Troy Filters Expands Their Capabilities with aACE+ Amazon Integration

Troy Filters Expands Their Capabilities with aACE+ Amazon Integration

“Previously we were functioning like a Jedi with a limp lightsaber, but now we’re like a fully-armed Obi-Wan Kenobi on steroids.” -Cory Elliot, Founder & President of Troy Filters, Ltd.

In 2009, Troy Filters began selling filters directly to consumers through For the first two years they averaged 100 orders per week through Amazon, which increased to 300 orders per week in the third year. As the demand for his product rose, Troy Filters Founder and President Cory Elliott found that his previous software solutions couldn’t keep up with his growing business. That’s when he turned to aACE.


Amazon Integration

There was no simple way to integrate their main software, AccountEdge, with Amazon. Using a third party software they had created a spreadsheet “patch” in a format that could be later uploaded to AccountEdge, but this was a temporary solution that did not always yield accurate results. aACE seamlessly integrates with Amazon out-of-the-box without the need for messy “patchwork” solutions.

Double Entry

Their previous shipping software was great for shipping but it lacked all of the other functions that Troy Filters Founder and President Cory Elliot and his team needed, so they constantly had to re-enter data in AccountEdge. aACE allows Troy Filters to use one piece of software to handle all of their orders, inventory, and shipping, eliminating the need to manually enter data and allowing them to focus on expanding their business without worrying about whether their digital infrastructure would support their growth.

Mac Environment

Troy Filters was originally set up on Windows, and ensuring the server didn’t crash was a task in and of itself. They switched to Apple products because they offered greater stability and ease for their 8-10 user peer to peer network; therefore they needed a solution that was compatible with Mac. aACE is a cross-platform ERP solution for Mac and PC.


AccountEdge could only support a maximum of 10 users. As Cory looked toward the future, he wanted a software solution that would facilitate the growth and expansion of his business. aACE is designed to support up to several hundred concurrent users, making it the perfect solution for small but growing businesses.


Seamless Integration

Amazon orders go right into aACE as they come in, eliminating the need for a second software solution to handle those orders separately. This means Cory and his team no longer need to manually import and export data between two different software solutions, eliminating a major source of errors. They currently handle an average of 600 Amazon orders per week, something they could not have done before aACE.

Increased Efficiency

aACE automatically breaks down the orders and generates shipments, saving countless man-hours on what was once a tedious task. Cory also states that inventory replenishment, cost tracking, and CRM functionality have improved by “light-years” since implementing aACE.

Enhanced Usability

Because aACE is so user-friendly, Cory no longer needs to make sure his new hires are software-savvy and can instead focus his hiring strategy on finding candidates that can set up, pack, and ship the many orders coming in through aACE.

Improved Operations

Since implementing aACE, Troy Filters has saved a minimum of 40-80 man-hours per week while increasing the number of orders processed from 300 to 600 per week. aACE has also exposed other inefficiencies in Troy Filters’ operations, giving Cory the chance to optimize his business’ workflow.


Here’s what Cory Elliot, Founder & President of Troy Filters, has to say about their aACE implementation:

“We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without what aACE does for us. We used to spend hours entering each piece of data by hand – aACE automates ALL of it, freeing up our employees to handle our increasing volume of orders. We can do a lot more now thanks to aACE’s near-limitless functionality. [I would recommend aACE to] any business owner facing the challenging task of integrating their Amazon orders into one solution that handles all of their needs. There isn’t much limitation to what the software can do, and it flows beautifully.”

Do you or someone you know need a change from one-size-fits-all ERP tools? Check out our videos to learn more about whether aACE business management software for Mac and PC can help accelerate your company.

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