Does your company provide Professional Services?

Is aACE the Right Software for you?

aACE is perfect for organizations with complex workflow and billing requirements. aACE includes project management and resource scheduling, real-time captures of expenses, support for different cost and pricing models, and features for managing payment collection.

Project Management

True Profitability Estimations

Build multi-level estimates to more accurately estimate diverse cost and pricing requirements.

Control Options and Revisions in Estimating

Generate estimates detailing options and keep a history of revisions. Apply templated terms & conditions.

Important Dates and Steps

Set the tracking status of a record to remember notable dates and next steps. This also promotes easy communication between team members.

Streamline Standard Workflows

Create templates for common workflows and automate production tasks and schedules. Templates can transform estimates into production plans.

Jobs and Tasks

Manage Projects by Deliverable or Phase

Create jobs to manage specific aspects of a project. A job can be a deliverable or a phase, and jobs can have as many tasks (steps) as required.

Delegate and Schedule Tasks

Manage your own tasks as well as those you have assigned. Use resource forecasting to balance workloads.

Time and Expenses

In-the-moment Time Tracking

Start or stop the time clock for a task while you are working on it. Review and submit your day’s time using aACE’s time clock or Timesheets module.

Eliminate the Administrative Overhead of Financial Staff

Built-in approval processes allow supervisors to approve their team’s time and expenses with just a couple of clicks.

Mobile App for Expenses

Record expenses while away from the office (e.g. on-site with a client), then submit the expenses for review using the Expenses App.

Rates and Rate Cards

Flexible and Dynamic Rates

Bill clients with fixed prices, fixed mark-ups, a percentage mark-up, or a percentage margin. Volume discounting is also supported.

Rate Cards for Customer and Pricing Management

Use rate cards for specific clients, client groups, or special circumstances. The Rate Cards module supports standard types of rates as well as fixed and percentage discounts.

Payments and Collections

Progress Billing

Progress billing allows for the billing of orders in percentage or fixed-dollar installments.

Easy Invoicing

Record conversations regarding invoices using aACE’s activity tools. Update each invoice’s tracking status and expected date of payment for streamlined communication.

Know When a Payment is Received

aACE can send notices when a payment is received from a client, allowing managers to stay in the loop with the necessary workflows.