Get Automated Notifications For Important Employee Dates in aACE

Remembering important employee dates with automated notifications - forget the sticky notes!

Tracking employee dates, such as birthdays or special events, can be as difficult as remembering your own customer’s important dates. That’s why aACE’s Important Dates feature exists: aACE will send you automated notifications so you can efficiently track important dates related to your employees!

Interface Spotlight

You can add important dates to a team member’s record and get notified when that date arrives. These important dates can be added to the dedicated section within the Human Resources tab on a team member’s record.

Entering an important date on a team member’s record means you can include the following information:

  • The date relating to the event
  • A description 
  • Additional notes to appear on the received notice
  • Recipients (either an individual team member or an entire team)
  • The date that aACE will send the notice out
  • Marking the ‘Annual’ flag to tell aACE that this date happens annually

By having a system administrator configure an Important Date aACE notice setup, which acts as a template for these notices, aACE will be able to send internal notices to your team members for special employee dates. On the reminder date, aACE will send an internal notice to any selected team members. Notices can be configured to be sent internally, by email, and/or through SMS messages. Diver deeper into automated notifications here: Never Miss an Important Date with aACE.

aACE in Action: Work Anniversary

Suppose a new team member just joined your company. A human resources professional wants to add the date she joined as a work anniversary for the employee. The HR professional opens the team member’s record and navigates to the Human Resources tab. For the work anniversary date, he inputs the date the employee was hired and titles it accordingly. Then, he sets the HR team as the notification recipient. Finally, the HR professional includes the reminder notification date and marks the Annual flag.

Every year from then on, aACE will send the HR team a reminder notice about the team member’s work anniversary date.

Entering an important date for a team member is just one feature of aACE that can help build strong and effective internal communication. Learn more about Contact Relationship Management in aACE.

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