Consumer Interactions Driving Organizations to Digital Transformation

Consumer Interactions Driving Organizations to Digital Transformation

Is your company fully connected with customers? Does your business provide a seamless, integrated digital experience across all channels of your digital presence?

If not, you could be missing out on some huge sales.

Survey Says…

Mulesoft’s 2022 Connectivity Benchmark report discusses how ready companies are with their digital transformations and API integrations. The report surveyed 1,050 IT professionals all over the globe and found that 70% of customer interactions are now digital, which is not a surprise.

What is a surprise is that an equal percentage of companies are lagging behind when it comes to supporting those interactions.

Why are so many businesses so unprepared for this shift?

A big reason is that data silos are making it difficult for companies to analyze their data and make the right choices.

More than half of IT projects (52%) were not finished on time in 2021 due in part to high demand and lack of personnel. IT projects for companies are only going to increase in the coming years as digital transformations proceed. Yet more than one-fourth (26%) of business leaders demand a company-wide API strategy, and a staggering 35% of a company’s revenue is attributed to APIs and related implementations due to better customer experiences from integrated systems.

What do these numbers mean?

One more statistic: Businesses may be losing, on average, $7 million in annual revenue due to a lack of integrations that make customer experiences flow much more efficiently.

What can companies do about it?

Companies can do four main things to foster a digital transformation while making their customer experiences more fluid.

  1. Step up cybersecurity measures. There will always be cybersecurity threats. Train employees, have great encryption, and follow best practices for cybersecurity across the board.
  2. Create a single source for data. This generally requires a robust platform that collects and analyzes data across your entire computer system and cloud-based software.
  3. Focus on agility and flexibility. API integrations must be utilized across many programs, not just connecting one to another. You can have one API for many types of software.
  4. Accelerate the speed of digital transformation by utilizing low-code or no-code applications. These don’t need a lot of help from IT departments, and they are easy to integrate across the entire company.

An ERP Solution Can Help Your Company’s Digital Transformation

An ERP solution like aACE can help you adapt to your customers’ changing digital behavior. Our customer relationship management (CRM) software for Mac and PC is fully integrated to provide a 360º view of your business relationships. It offers a robust sales and quoting tool while giving you full insights into your vendors, partners, and more. Take a look at our success stories to learn more about what aACE can do for your business.

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