aACE Automates Operations for KNOCK Inc.

aACE Automates Operations for KNOCK Inc.

We would highly recommend working with aACE. They are approachable and easy to work with. Their knowledge is very expansive in regards to how their software can work within your business environment.” -Lili Hall, President of KNOCK and Erin McCloskey, Director of Creative Services

Branded design is the core of KNOCK’s expertise. Their strategic design solutions have garnered acclaim from their peers and results for their clients, resulting in explosive growth. In 2007 they found that they found that they had outgrown their business management software and began looking for a solution that could keep up with the pace of their business. They almost immediately identified aACE as the right fit. It offered the comprehensive integration necessary to streamline operations and, importantly, had attractive and simple interfaces pleasing to the creative staff who would be required to use the software in order for the implementation to be a success.



As a growing company with world-class clients, KNOCK needed software that would work for them now and in the future. Having outgrown their previous solution, they were looking for something that would grow with them as they continued to expand. aACE is designed to support up to several hundred concurrent users, ensuring that it will grow along with your business.


KNOCK needed a solution that could be customized to their unique workflow. Because aACE is a “platform within a platform,” it can be easily adapted to meet the needs of almost any business.

All-in-One Solution

The team at KNOCK needed a comprehensive solution that would streamline their operations and encompass their entire work process, from time and expense management to purchasing, invoicing, accounting, sales processes, and beyond. aACE provides an all-in-one solution for CRM, ERP, order fulfillment, jobs, accounting, and much more.

Ease of Use

With staff at all levels of technological skill, KNOCK needed software that was as streamlined and clear as their designs. aACE is designed to be clean, concise, and highly user-friendly.


Increased Efficiency

aACE covers every step in KNOCK’s work process with custom solutions built to fit their business. It has a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management section that leads into prospective customers becoming real customers. From that point you can take an order from start to finish by capturing deadlines, resources and material costs spent on a project, as well as extensive accounting functions.

Enhanced Usability

Because aACE is so user-friendly, KNOCK’s whole staff was able to embrace it regardless of their technical skill level. As a design agency, they appreciate aACE’s smooth and concise interface, and that it doesn’t take much training to understand how aACE fits into KNOCK’s work environment.

Streamlined Operations

aACE allows KNOCK to conduct all of their processes in one simple software solution, allowing them to have a 360° view of their business at all times.


Here’s what KNOCK’S President, Lili Hall, and Director of Creative Services, Erin McCloskey, have to say about the results of the aACE software implementation:

“aACE has helped us streamline many of our processes. We have a snapshot of each project with many of the important details being on one screen. We instantly see our profitability within our projects and have specific numbers or data regarding many aspects of our business. We would highly recommend working with aACE to anyone.”

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