Get Apps, Mentoring, and Pro Support from FileMaker Business Alliance

Get Apps, Mentoring, and Pro Support from FileMaker Business Alliance

July is the month for DevCon, where you can meet with hundreds of talented FileMaker developers. But even if you aren't able to attend the conference, you can still get the benefit of experienced coders on your customized software solutions.

The FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) is a collection of qualified partners, all interested in making sure your projects succeed. And whatever level of support you need, there are skilled, dedicated partners ready to help:

DIY… with Support

If you're interested in creating your own specialized app but you don't want to crash into the walls as you get up to speed, the Idea to iPad bundle may be just what you need. Along with the software, you get a customer success manager who will match you with the FileMaker partner that's right for you. That partner will be able to provide mentoring and instruction fitted to your goals.

Just the Apps, Ma'am

If you just want to drop a FileMaker-based tool into place and get on with business, the FBA has you covered. They have created apps for tracking projects, invoicing, budgeting, tracking contacts, scheduling, organizing events, managing sales, allocating resources, accounting, conducting surveys, tracking inventory, managing content, tracking time, and more. In addition, they offer plug-ins, integrations, tools for development, and training packages. The pricing options start at free-to-use.

Hired Guns

For more intricate projects, the best route may be to bring in a talented professional who can gather requirements and craft a solution to meet your company's needs. The FBA certifies developers who offer expertise and experience in implementing best practices. You can review the checklist that all partners must satisfy, and also search for consultants in all regions of the globe and any industry.

The Path Best Traveled

It might not be clear at first whether developing a tool or hiring a consultant will be the best route for your needs. To shed some light on this decision, FileMaker also provides a short quiz to help evaluate whether your project would be best served by going it alone or finding a partner. Questions to guide your choice include the level of complexity, the required time frame, your level of technical know-how, and the amount of time you have for ramping up your FileMaker skills. With a few moments of reflection, you can feel confident in your approach.

Future Options

FileMaker is a future-thinking organization. After you have seen some coding done and completed some projects yourself, you can capitalize on your growing skills. As an FBA partner, you might feel best about paying it forward as you contribute your own solutions to the app listing. Or you might have a bright future helping other teams solve their needs with custom developed systems. Partnering with FileMaker also brings you exclusive discounts and training opportunities, such as FBA-only sessions at DevCon.

A smart decision about your custom developed solutions involves balancing needs and resources. There is always a point of diminishing returns on your time. Coding will only be the highest-value activity for a few citizen developers on your team. And instead of recreating the wheel, their time will be better spent creating tools for your unique needs. The rest of the system can come out-of-the-box as a comprehensive, fully integrated suite for accounting, CRM, and ERP: aACE 5. Built on FileMaker, this cross-platform solution for SMB business software handles most operational needs and can be easily customized to take care of the rest. Learn more today.

"The biggest benefit I have personally noticed is our in-house ability to further integrate aACE with our own systems and add new functionality as needed. The system is designed in a very intuitive and easy-to-understand way that allows us to push and pull data to and from aACE, providing the foundation for an even greater ROI throughout our organization as time goes on." ~ Doug Jacobs, President, Restylers' Choice

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