FileMaker Provides the Platform and Guidance for Customized Apps

FileMaker Provides the Platform and Guidance for Customized Apps

We've talked before about how using FileMaker gets you more than just an outstanding resource for creating apps tailored to your unique situation. The community support from other developers around the globe is top-notch. The app showcase helps you think outside the box. And the upcoming DevCon conference gives you extensive opportunities for training, mentoring, and networking.

But wait.… There's more.

FileMaker has also created a trove of free materials to help you succeed. From reports to webinars and from ebooks to basic apps to customized solutions, the Custom App Resources page can give you a valuable head start.

The core of these offerings are the fundamental guides to planning, creating, and deploying a custom app. These three guides give you a hands-on approach for developing precise tools to streamline your work. The step-by-step approach helps you identify usage needs, document requirements, map data sources, create data relationships, design layouts, and share your apps securely.

Key reports are also freely available to expand your vision of what's possible or to articulate to others the value of custom apps. The 451 Report analyzes how SMBs can benefit from the Idea to iPad Bundle. The G2 Crowd Fall 2016 Report ranks FileMaker as the leader in rapid application development software. The 2017 State of the Custom App Report puts the idea of custom apps into the concrete circumstances of today’s business environment, showing how citizen developers add value to their company.

eBooks that you can download offer some useful alternatives to the basic business tools. If you use Intuit QuickBooks, you can discover ways a FileMaker app will prevent errors and reduce expenses, while also increasing productivity. Likewise, if Microsoft Access was the starting point for your company, you can learn how to upgrade to cross-platform options with strong mobility, sharing, and reporting. For concerns with inventory management, FileMaker also offers an ebook to address how you can solve these kinds of headaches.

Finally, for service businesses that prefer an all-in-one package, you can download the free toolkit. This combines an ebook, webinar, basic app, and more, all designed to make it easy for you to increase efficiencies. When your company is streamlined, productivity, customer satisfaction, and profits increase naturally.

Check out the fantastic resources that FileMaker has provided to start your journey with custom apps or to speed your progress along.

When you reach the point that one-off apps aren't bringing you the same level of benefits as before, it's time to start thinking about integrating your tools into a comprehensive solution. Built on FileMaker, aACE 5 makes it simple to link your customized tools into a single cross-platform system. Most accounting, CRM, and ERP needs are provided by aACE 5, straight out of the box. But the flexible customization options make it possible to codify your companies unique expertise and tools into a tailored solution. Learn more today.

"Our business evolves and changes. As we change, aACE is flexible enough to evolve with us and help us to improve the automation and efficiency of what we do, essentially releasing us to make more money from our business." ~ Peter Osbourne, President, Special EFX Ltd.

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