Yahoo Finance Highlights Redd Remedies Switch from NetSuite to aACE

Yahoo Finance Highlights Redd Remedies Switch from NetSuite to aACE

Yahoo Finance last month directed attention to aACE Software’s newest client, Redd Remedies. This national-level coverage is a welcome salute for aACE 5, a fully integrated, cross-platform, business management software for Mac and PC.

As described by Dan Chapman, the Founder and CEO of Redd Remedies, the interest in the transition stemmed from conversations with other nutrition company leaders. They had discussed frustrations with current software. Mr. Chapman’s friend recommended aACE as a solution for all accounting, CRM, ERP needs.

Of course the team at Redd Remedies conducted due diligence. Before moving forward, they learned more about aACE’s features and benefits from the company website, as well as by requesting a free, live demonstration of the solution.

When they saw what aACE could do for their company, the Redd Remedies team’s next concern was how quickly they could implement it. This urgency was not only to gain the aACE advantage for their business, but also to avoid another hefty annual subscription fee from their previous software package. They needed the transition to happen within two months, and the aACE team made it happen.

Several of the Redd Remedies team have shared their enthusiasm for the new aACE system:

“aACE allows endless drill-down capabilities, exposing the entire chain of a single transaction. The biggest asset to our company has been the automated workflows, especially in our customer care and shipping departments. Also, the shipping integration has helped reduce picking errors and assist in a speedy pick-and-pack process.” ~ Tiffany Barmann

“I love the search features in aACE. They’re pretty great!” ~ Jennifer Snow

“With aACE 5 I can pull up the appropriate rate card and change the pricing on all the products in one window. That’s a HUGE time saver! Overlapping promotions are simpler to manage. I also like that I can affect the same change on multiple accounts with one or two simple steps. The more I use this program, the more I love it!” ~ Joni Jarnagin

One of the aspects of aACE that was most valuable to Redd Remedies was the easy customization. Built on the FileMaker platform, aACE can be tailored to a company’s specific workflows, allowing them to develop processes based on their own needs and expertise instead of how their software company thinks they should work. For Redd Remedies, aACE was able to accommodate most of their needs right out of the box. The remaining details consisted of unique expertise that the company had gathered and developed during their years in business experience. aACE’s easy customization allowed them to codify those hard-won insights into a comprehensive tool that leverages their in-house expertise.

For more details about the Redd Remedies transition from NetSuite to aACE 5, read our success story. And to learn more about how you can increase your business velocity with aACE, browse our site for product details or study the 5-star reviews from our current clients.

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