Brian Sanchez Selected as Technical Editor for Learn FileMaker Pro 16

Brian Sanchez Selected as Technical Editor for Learn FileMaker Pro 16

A key member of aACE Software’s R&D team, Brian Sanchez, has been selected as the technical editor for one of the top FileMaker instructional texts. Learn FileMaker Pro 16 supports beginners and advanced experts. The author, Mark Munro, has worked with FileMaker since 1988 and is passionate about helping people leverage software so they can concentrate on more valuable tasks. And Brian Sanchez’s expertise aligns perfectly with this effort.

Brian is a FileMaker developer, a consultant with wide experience, and a founding member of aACE Software. For nearly 20 years, he has used FileMaker to create custom apps for inventory tracking, digital catalogs, asset management, and pricing. His clients range from catering businesses to TV casting agencies to European vacationing services. The development philosophy at the core of Brian’s work is to build systems with deep integrity. He crafts code and architecture so that the client only needs to call back when they’re ready to upgrade.

FileMaker itself has been awarded as the top software for rapid application development for SMBs. You can leverage this platform to empower your staff as citizen developers, allowing them to easily create the perfect tools for their workflows.

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