Strengthen Your Team with Flexible Access to Time, Expenses, CRM, and More

Strengthen Your Team with Flexible Access to Time, Expenses, CRM, and More

You know that finding good people and keeping them on your staff is a critical, ongoing effort. According to Gallup, one key for keeping people engaged in your business might be sending them out of your office.

That sounds counter-intuitive. But Gallup pioneered the employee engagement movement in the late 90s, created new tools for measuring and managing employees, and has remained a leader in employee engagement. They’ve got a little expertise in this arena. And Forbes is well aware of Gallup’s valuable contributions. So finding the helpful article from Renee Morad about the State of the American Workplace report is no surprise.

On the other hand, the results from the survey might raise some traditional nine-to-five eyebrows.

To wit: when 60-80% of the week is spent working outside the office, employee engagement ratings go up. Similarly, employees working onsite for a traditional work day are now simply outnumbered by those working variable times and locations. For millennials these alternative schedules seem to be an expected outgrowth of contemporary tech. And a majority of the 15,000 adults surveyed for the Gallup report said they value choosing their work schedule enough to change jobs for it.

Clearly this aspect of modern business needs to be acknowledged in your company policies, but having a policy doesn’t help much if you don’t have the technology to back it up. If a manager says people can work from home, but when those people are at home they can’t work, it’s a serious problem. Progressive employers need to ensure that company tech isn’t too far behind each employee’s personal tech. This includes infrastructure and software as well as protocols.

Remote access and mobile apps are some of the features that clients value most in aACE 5. This cross-platform business management software for Mac and PC can be deployed in the cloud and accessed in the office, the warehouse, and at home. In addition, our FileMaker foundation has made it easy to develop mobile apps to increase your team’s productivity. Instead of loading up the full aACE system on an iPad or other tablet, your personnel can work in a responsive, light-weight module. This streamlines work for counting inventory and picking items for customer orders. The time clock, expenses, and CRM apps also make it easy to take care of business wherever your team is at. In addition, the data from these mobile apps is automatically routed back into the aACE central system, keeping your entire company engaged and in the loop.

“Without much training, you can logically understand how aACE fits into your work environment. The program is user friendly and easy enough for our whole staff, with varying levels of technical skills, to embrace.” ~ Lili Hall, President, KNOCK

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