What Can You Do With FileMaker? Take a Look at the Showcase!

What Can You Do With FileMaker? Take a Look at the Showcase!

It can be a challenge, in the midst of day-to-day operations, to envision the new tools that could accelerate your business. To help with some inspiration, FileMaker has collected examples. Their Showcase page introduces custom apps that have been built on the FileMaker platform.

As you might expect, there are working models of FileMaker-based ERP systems, CRM systems, and sales systems. But you’ll also see some less common functionality.

  • Tools that track remote teams and synchronize data
  • Personalized applications for uploading, researching, and rating PDF documents such as movie scripts
  • Systems to report on equipment maintenance issues
  • Custom learning management systems that monitor both students and instructors
  • iOS solutions for streamlined work-order processing, time tracking, and specialty reporting
  • Unique software to coordinate trips, training, gifts, and events across multiple organizations

Several of the Showcase entries also link to in-depth descriptions of how the FileMaker tool was envisioned, designed, and implemented.

The exact feature that you need to enhance your unique business may not be displayed. But there’s definitely enough outstanding work here to spark your team’s creativity.

Those discussions might lead to a recognition that your growing company needs more than just one time-saving app. For an affordable FileMaker ERP + CRM + accounting suite, please review the aACE Software showcase as well. Our business operations software runs on Mac and PC, and has benefited from years of close collaboration with our clients in professional services, wholesale distribution, and light manufacturing.

aACE is a comprehensive business management solution out of the box, and because it’s built on the FileMaker platform it can be customized to fit your workflow. One aACE client, Wendy Donenfeld of M & R International, Inc., has described us as the “only vendor willing and able to customize a system to what we needed.” If you’re looking for a powerful yet flexible business management software, gain the aACE advantage today.

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