Quick Access to Your Vendor and Customer Transaction History

Quick Access to Your Vendor and Customer Transaction History

If you’ve been in business for a long time, recalling customer or vendor transaction history from memory can become difficult. Your sales staff may need to quickly assess how long a customer has been ordering from you, when their last order was, if an invoice has been sent out, and so forth.

Fortunately, once a company record has been created in your system, aACE will track that company’s transaction history all in one convenient location, whether that company is a customer or a vendor.

Interface Spotlight

You can view a customer’s transaction history in the company record’s Customer Details tab. Any relevant records—such as orders, invoices, and receipts—are listed here. In addition to displaying these records, aACE also shows summary information for the transactions (i.e. dates, order titles).

aACE also tracks a vendor’s history. When you link a company to a purchase order, purchase, or disbursement, aACE will automatically collect and compile those records in the company record’s Vendor Details tab. This layout is similar to the Customer Details tab.

aACE also records leads and recurring transactions on company records for you to view as needed, giving you tremendous visibility into all your vendor and customer touch-points.

aACE in Action: Using Record History for Upcoming Sales

Suppose ACME Education Supplies’ sales team is notified about an upcoming sale on student art supplies. Having worked with multiple customers who have purchased educational art materials in the past, a sales team member views each of the customer’s company records and their corresponding sales histories. aACE shows the team member each of the products the customer orders as well as the related order and order’s date.

By viewing a company’s sales history, the sales team member can see trends in purchased items. The salesperson compiles a list of customers who may be interested in the sale then begins contacting each of the customers about the sale on student art supplies.

The record history of a company is just one feature of aACE that can help you track and manage your customer relationships. To learn more, read Managing Customer-to-Customer Relations with aACE.

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