Keep Track of Your Correspondence with aACE Email Integration

Keep Track of Your Correspondence with aACE Email Integration

Most businesses today rely on email to exchange information, but it can be all too easy for messages to get lost in your inbox – and when that happens, you risk missing out on vital details that could impact your communication with your customers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could file those messages with their associated records in your ERP solution, without having to manually copy and paste the text?

With aACE, you can.

aACE’s email integration feature spares you from time-consuming data entry by linking emails and their attachments directly to the relevant records anywhere in aACE. This feature works across all aACE modules, so whether your message is about a contact, a project, an order, or more, you can organize your emails directly in your aACE solution. Here’s how:



Now that we’ve seen this feature in action, let’s look at one example of how fictional company aACME Education Solutions uses it in their day-to-day operations:

aACME has just fulfilled an order for the Shea Township School District and the invoice has been generated in aACE. John in the Accounts Receivable department is ready to send it to Julia, the school district’s administrative assistant. When John opens the invoice in aACE and selects Email Invoice from the Print menu, his desktop mail app opens with an auto-generated email that has the invoice attached as a PDF. aACE automatically fills in the client’s email address, a pre-set signature, and the invoice’s record ID. Additionally, a special email address for aACME’s aACE solution is included on the BCC line. When John sends the email, a copy appears in aACE’s inbox. Based on keywords in the email, aACE files the message and attachment in three places:

  • the Invoice record for Invoice #50001
  • the Contact record for Julia Delaney, the client who received the invoice
  • the Team Member record of John Smith, the user who sent the invoice

This means that any user with access to these records can view the email right from within aACE. So when Julia contacts her account manager at aACME, Mara Harvey, with a question about the invoice, Mara is able to immediately see what was sent to Julia and when – there’s no need to ask John to forward the email or to dig through a long email chain to find the relevant information.

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With aACE’s email integration feature, Mara and her colleagues have everything they need right at their fingertips.

To see how other aACE features could work for your business, check out our aACE Videos series. And if you’d like to know more about this feature or discuss what else aACE can do for you, contact us today to learn more.

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