Six City Blocks Managed on a Twelve-Inch Screen—by FileMaker Go for iPad

Six City Blocks Managed on a Twelve-Inch Screen—by FileMaker Go for iPad

What do SXSW, the Brick Fest LEGO Fan Experience, and the Austin Game Conference all have in common? The Austin Convention Center. Plus the FileMaker-based digital solution that helps the conference center staff ensure each event is a success.

Before implementing FileMaker Go for iPad, the convention relied on paper forms and diagrams. Their processes worked, but they weren’t streamlined. And when Joe Gonzalez, the convention center IT Services Manager, coordinated with Jeff Moore, his DBA, they knew they could do better.

Since FileMaker was already in place for the billing system, it was an easy choice to leverage that technology. With a few adjustments, the new work order system was ready for use in a matter of days. Equipped with iPads, the event staff now save time, labor, and money compared to when they had to travel back and forth for paper-based processes.

How much are they saving each year with FileMaker in place? $22,000. And the implementation effort was paid back within four months.

For more details, view the video about the Austin Convention Center’s winning decision to leverage FileMaker.


Your particular workflows might not include setting up thousands of display booths each year. But whether your SMB focuses on professional services, light manufacturing, or wholesale distribution, FileMaker can assist. Custom-developed apps can pinpoint your business needs and also codify the unique expertise you’ve earned through experience.

Taking a step back, FileMaker can do even more for your company. For example, a comprehensive, integrated accounting/CRM/ERP suite can accelerate your business velocity. With streamlined processes, automated tasks, and optimal awareness of company activities, you can quickly be positioned for significant growth. To raise the stakes higher, you can gain the advantage of ecommerce integrations, mobile functionality, and cross-platform support.

What FileMaker-based product delivers all this goodness? aACE 5.

“The implementation was flawless and respectful of our need to continue operating. It couldn’t have gone better. Even though we had many systems to integrate, importing our data was easy and the entire process was smooth and professional. I’ve never experienced as easy an implementation of anything like I experienced with the aACE team.” ~ Jim Parker, President and Owner, Vacutherm Inc.

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