Current Clients Rank aACE as a 5-Star Product

Current Clients Rank aACE as a 5-Star Product

With the recent release of aACE version 5, we asked our clients to share their thoughts about version 4. We selected Capterra as a forum for this feedback. Capterra solicits product reviews and ratings, sharing this information to help people find quality software.

We’ve been delighted with the positive responses we’ve received. Clients often tell us about the features of the aACE software suite that they appreciate most. Our presence on Capterra gives them a place to quantify the value aACE has brought to their business and share those benefits with other professionals seeking business management software.

The aACE 4 ratings paint the picture of a 5-star product. Reviewers also note that they are very likely to recommend aACE to other small and mid-sized businesses. More insightful details are found in the written reviews:

  • “aACE unified functions within our company that previously had little to no communication with each other.” – Ted Fotopoulos
  • “aACE reduced the time needed to enter an order from hours to minutes. All transactions are easy and quick to enter.” – Wendy Donenfeld
  • “Having all our customer’s data in one place makes it so much easier for our customer service, sales and marketing teams.” – Sabrina Fabian
  • “aACE has allowed our staff to become much more efficient in their daily tasks which has increased our capacity as a company overall.” – Brittany Ulrich
  • “aACE has streamlined our business operations to a level that we never thought possible. We have been able to trim our headcount in several areas, and achieve efficiencies we thought were only possible in dreams.” – Doug Jacobs
  • “aACE has been able to fully integrate full-scale accounting, construction project bidding and fulfillment, point-of-sale order processing, field service via iPad, web store management and fulfillment, and much more into one seamless package.” – Alvaro Mendoza
  • “aACE has fixed all my software problems.” – Todd Breedlove

aACE Software customers span a wide range of industries — from professional services to wholesale distribution to light manufacturing — and we’re thrilled to hear aACE 4 has served so well for their ERP, CRM, and accounting needs. We want to thank each of our clients for their help in refining the software, suggesting features that have made this product an outstanding alternative to xTuple, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and AcctVantage.

Looking forward, we’re eager to showcase the newly released aACE 5. This version is the culmination of more than a decade of craftsmanship, building a software suite driven by user input. aACE 5 is 100% made in America and is designed for precision, speed, and power at an affordable price — the Corvette of business management software.


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