The Making of a FileMaker Development Champion

The Making of a FileMaker Development Champion

You realize how strong and active the FileMaker user community is when you learn about the annual Developer's Cup competition. During the Developer Conference, this friendly event gathers a small group of FileMaker developers from the pool of applicants. On one evening of the conference, these developers are given a series of timed, technical challenges. The winner is awarded the Cup for that year.

In 2015, the winning developer was Honza Koudelka. He has posted a description of his experience, noting the strategies he used and the benefits of competing and winning.

Honza describes the most valuable takeaway as a confirmation of his company's good design practice — clear and precise understanding of the customer's (or the competition judge's) requirements for a product. You can read on the company website for more details about his championship performance.

For details about more pragmatic applications, such as FileMaker-based ERP, CRM, or accounting systems, feel free to review the aACE Product page too.

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