aACE Software Launches Newest Version of Comprehensive ERP Package


A Customer-Centric Approach to Design & Development Makes aACE 6 a Powerful, Robust Tool for SMBs

BOISE, ID – March 10, 2023 – aACE Software, the best-kept secret in business management software, is excited to announce the latest version of their robust ERP solution for small-to-midsized businesses.

aACE 6 is designed to help small-to-midsized businesses operate at peak efficiency, with lightning-fast performance over the WAN ensuring that users have the same responsive experience no matter where they’re working from. This newest version of the solution is the result of two decades spent working hand in hand with real SMBs to perfect the features and workflows that matter most. In addition to the Accounting, CRM, and ERP functionality that gives the product its name, aACE includes powerful tools for handing order management, inventory, production, shipping & receiving, and more.

“For 20 years our goal has been to craft a business management solution that helps Main Street businesses compete on a level playing field with large corporations,” said Michael Bethuy, Founder and President of aACE Software. “aACE 6 continues our never-ending drive to return a faster ROI to our customers. Our customers have called aACE ‘the best in everything’ and told us that the solution has helped them learn to do business more effectively. We are immensely proud to be part of their success.”

aACE provides 360-degree visibility into an organization, while its robust functionality out of the box makes it easy to ramp up new users. As a result, aACE customers have found that aACE cuts the amount of time they spend searching for information or following up with other departments by up to 50% – and that adds up to hours per day that they can now spend on higher-level tasks focused on growing their business.

Thousands of refinements large and small have extended aACE’s functionality and reduced the need for customization while simultaneously making the solution more intuitive and user-friendly. And most excitingly, the optimizations that have been made to every screen and workflow mean that aACE can now be deployed in the browser as well as via the rich application, offering the best of both worlds to in-office power users and remote workers alike.

Just some of the new and notable features debuting in aACE 6 include:

  • Pre-close period by module
  • Organizational entity added to offices for financial reporting
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Non-nettable stock
  • Vendor follow-ups
  • Revise POs
  • Project teams
  • Copy/paste order items
  • Change orders
  • Invoice description override
  • Blind shipping
  • Quote generation
  • Qualify leads using BANT scoring
  • Email templates
  • Warning infrastructure to increase accountability
  • And many more

To learn more about aACE, please visit www.aacesoft.com. To see aACE 6 in action, register for a webinar at www.aacesoft.com/webinars.

About aACE Software

Avant-Garde Information Solutions Inc., dba aACE Software, is an innovative B2B software company with one goal: helping small-to-midsized enterprises take their businesses to the next level with a robust yet affordable ERP solution. Founded in Manhattan in 2002, aACE Software is currently headquartered in Boise, ID, with an office in New York and a partner network that spans the United States. To learn more, visit www.aacesoft.com.

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