5 Key Points for Selecting an ERP Solution

5 Key Points for Selecting an ERP Solution

We’ve got an opinion about where to find high-quality ERP solutions, but it’s important for everyone involved in the decision to agree. This article from Manufacturing Business Technology gives excellent advice about how to reach the best decision for your company.

The author, Dave Lechleitner, highlights 5 key steps:

  1. Assess functionality needs: Go beyond pain-points with the current system and envision a plan for future growth.
  2. Open dialogue with vendors: Look for a strong partner instead of a sleek sales team.
  3. Understand the end game: Balance in savings from becoming a more responsive and competitive company.
  4. Explore support for the software: Know your IT team’s abilities and the vendor’s commitment to customer service.
  5. Research the vendor: Due diligence will help you find an ERP solution that supports your business strategy and scales with your growth.


As part of your research strategy, it can be valuable to find out what past clients say about the vendor and the software solution. Capterra gathers this information into a single site, making it easy for you to find high quality software. View the aACE Software profile to discover the proven benefits we can provide for your company’s accounting, CRM, and ERP needs.

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