ReadyCloud & aACE Announce New End-to-End XaaS Integration

ReadyCloud & aACE Announce New End-to-End XaaS Integration

BOISE, Idaho and PHOENIX, May 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ReadyCloud has teamed up with aACE Software to bring an end-to-end XaaS integration for the aACE software suite into ReadyCloud CRM.

“The aACE integration with ReadyCloud allows businesses to take advantage of state-of-the-art solutions for accounting, inventory, and shipping in one seamless user experience,” explained Michael Bethuy, President of aACE Software. “Because information flows smoothly between the two solutions, aACE is able to automate invoicing, and since ReadyCloud provides aACE with the true cost of each shipment, entering and reconciling courier bills is a breeze. Streamlining these processes adds up to a lot of savings for our clients.”

The aACE integration for ReadyCloud significantly reduces the need for manual data entry, a common source of costly errors. For most shipments, this time-consuming task is eliminated entirely; shipments are auto-generated in aACE based on the sales order and automatically appear in ReadyCloud when they’re ready to be shipped. Once the tracking numbers and shipping costs have been determined by ReadyCloud, that information is imported back into aACE. This automatically generates an invoice reflecting the true shipping cost with any applicable markup for handling.

Another source of great frustration for many companies is entering and reconciling courier bills. The aACE+ ReadyCloud integration makes this superfluous:

“Rather than manually entering the courier bill at the end of each month, aACE allows users to see all of the shipments they haven’t yet purchased at a glance with our Build Courier Invoice feature. With one click, aACE organizes each of these shipments, including costs and tracking information for easy, line-by-line comparison with the courier’s statement,” Bethuy said.

The integration also helps users reconcile billing, as well as find and eliminate costly errors:

“If the cost of a shipment on the courier’s bill doesn’t match the cost in aACE, the user can change it in the purchase,” Bethuy added. “That change will go back and update the shipment, which, in turn, updates the order, so that the costs are correct. aACE can also be configured to send a notification to an oversight group if the difference exceeds a certain value or percentage, ensuring companies can keep their shipping costs in check.”

Learn more about the aACE + ReadyCloud integration in this video:

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About ReadyCloud

#ReadyCloud is rocket fuel for customer loyalty and sales. It’s a cross-channel eCommerce CRM solution that tethers the most popular online sales channels and marketing integrations under one umbrella. ReadyCloud creates instant customer profiles from multichannel eCommerce order activity—giving online retailers a way to create meaningful, lasting relationships with customers that improve loyalty, retention and ROI.

ReadyCloud starts with CRM, and can be further expanded with premium plugins like ReadyShipper, a hybrid-cloud shipping software solution, and ReadyReturns, an automated online product returns solution.

ReadyCloud believes that all online retailers deserve a cross-channel CRM. That’s why the first 2 weeks are on the house.

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About aACE Software

In 2002, the aACE Software founding team came together while developing a business software package that was robust yet appealing for one of midtown Manhattan’s premier creative agencies. As they expanded to create new tools for additional clients, the team organized as Avant Garde Information Solutions, LLC (dba aACE Software). They gradually crafted a compelling product, envisioned as a comprehensive, yet affordable ERP solution for small businesses. After 15 years of close collaboration with clients from many industries, that initial product has evolved into a software suite designed around the end-user. The newly released aACE 5 suite is artisan software, which our clients describe as a delight to deploy and a pleasure to use. It is a comprehensive tool that seamlessly supports sales, operations, and accounting teams, yet is also flexible, affordable, and elegant. aACE 5 realizes the team’s vision of Art in ERP.

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