FileMaker Developer Spotlight: Daniel Shanahan

FileMaker Developer Spotlight: Daniel Shanahan

FileMaker is a fantastic platform for rapid app development, with excellent resources to help developers at every skill level. To be frank though, a big project is always a big project. And one of the most complex tools you can develop on FileMaker is an Inventory Management System (IMS).

To get a sense of how involved a project like this can be, you can turn to Daniel Shanahan’s site: Daniel is carving out a niche based on his expertise with IMS tools, volunteering his insight for the community. Based in Ohio and currently working with New Leaf Data, LLC., his site posts guidelines and recommendations to help FileMaker developers worldwide as they create the best IMS solutions for their needs.

At his site, you can get a better understanding of challenges you’ll need to be aware of (for example, how will you track it when you get inventory that wasn’t ordered, such as sample units from a vendor?). Likewise, he demonstrates how to craft your project most effectively (for example, how do you map out cyclical relationships on a FM relationship graph?). The topics he discusses on his site include:

  • Inventory types
  • Inventory processes
  • Quantity fields
  • Receiving goods
  • Bill of materials
  • Kitting
  • BOM trees
  • Lots and batches
  • Serial numbers
  • Purchasing processes
  • Transactions
  • Updating inventory quantities
  • Transferring inventory

If you have specific questions for Daniel about FM RAD projects, you can submit requests for future articles at his home page. And for an overview of Daniel’s background, find him on LinkedIn.

As shows, sometimes the best resource for a new FM developer is an experienced FM developer. You might decide however that building a full-fledged IMS from scratch is too involved for the time you have available. We all know an entrepreneur has to continually focus on the tasks that will bring the greatest ROI. If that applies to you, then check out a middle path–aACE Software’s customizable modules. You can get much of the functionality that your business needs, straight out of the box. Learn more today.

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