A Customer Experience That Builds Loyalty: Building On ERP Data

A Customer Experience That Builds Loyalty: Building On ERP Data

If we backtrack from a perfect user experience to find out what made it happen, what do we find at the starting point?

A mindset in the business owner, in many cases. More specifically, a belief that his team should be free to leverage every piece of information they have to support that perfect customer experience. This mindset shows up when the company’s operational data is made available to the marketing and customer support groups. This decision for internal transparency transforms the addresses and purchase orders and complaint tickets into a unified customer identity–an individual or company that your personnel will feel empowered to help.

At MyCustomer.com, they have elaborated on this decision. Areas they highlight include making sure the that people on your team who are in charge of customer satisfaction (i.e., your entire staff) have a view on key interactions: product quality surveys, product returns, delivery updates, and maintenance requests. As an example, they raise the question of what your team could do if everyone knew that a delivery was being delayed. Answer: they can gather information about the solution and get it to the customer proactively.

How would that affect your customer satisfaction ratings?

There’s an underlying assumption here though. You’ve probably already spotted it. In order to sustain this level of customer experience quality, you must have software that 1) integrates CRM data with ERP data and 2) allows you to surface all the relevant information to the right people.

However it’s no small task to synchronize customer master data across your entire organization, especially on the tight constraints that many small and mid-sized businesses have to maintain. And it’s even more challenging when you have different software tools in place for different aspects of your business.

Whatever your current CXM situation though, there is a way forward to the holistic customer support that will be key for loyalty, growth, and achieving your goals. Leveraging the capabilities of aACE 5, you can establish quote-to-cash visibility on the people engaging with your company right now. aACE 5 offers seamless integration between sales, operations, and accounting to provide your customers with a smooth experience from start to finish. Learn more today.

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