7 Benefits of Order Management Software

7 Benefits of Order Management Software

Looking for an easy way to keep your sales organized and accounted for?

In a modern eCommerce landscape, traditional manual processes no longer cut it. In a world where next or two-day shipping has become the expectation on nearly any product you can imagine, you’ll lose business if you aren’t able to efficiently communicate and quickly ship products to your customers.

Your customers expect to see when their product will arrive the moment they drop it into their cart. If it’s longer than they’d like, chances are they’ll abandon the sale. Your business needs modern technology to improve your efficiency and transparency to build trust with your customers.

Order management software is your solution.

What is Order Management Software?

Order management software will help streamline your sales process to help you meet these modern customer expectations.

This software organizes multi-channel orders into a single, central, organized system. With order management software in place, your ecommerce orders will run smoothly from the moment your customers place the order until they receive their products.

Order management software stays on top of your inventory, incoming orders, payment processing, and more. You’ll be able to use real-time data based on your customer’s location to get them their product as quickly as possible. You’ll manage your orders from start to finish and keep your entire team – and your customers – on the same page.

Most of all, you’ll wonder how you were able to manage your sales without it.

To dive a little deeper, here are seven benefits of order management software.

1. Product Options & Alternates

Having software that will suggest product options and alternatives is an incredibly powerful tool for your sales.

Let’s say you have a product that goes out of stock. It happens! With order management software, you’ll be able to automatically suggest similar products that may meet your customer’s needs. It also provides you an excellent opportunity to sell additional products your customers may not have been aware of.

It puts these product options and alternatives in front of your team right at the moment of sale. You’ll never have to place a customer on hold again. Whether it’s a substitute or an add-on, the ability to instantly show your customers additional products is something your team could never do manually. Your order management software can.

2. POS Payment Entry

When you empower your sales personnel and order writers with the ability to take payments, you eliminate the possibility of lost payments due to delays and callbacks.

Traditional payment methods are error-prone, time-consuming, unsecure, and inconvenient for your customers. But with order management software in place, you can seamlessly (and securely) process your customer payments via point-of-sale payment entry. Save time, keep your customer’s sensitive data secure, and minimize the potential for errors with fully integrated payment processing.

3. Automated Payment Processing

You can even automate the entire payment process from charging your customer’s card on file for deposits, when goods are shipped, or according to a progress billing schedule. This frees up your A/R staff for higher-level activities while shipment and invoicing is automatically generated.

You and your customers will be able to check on the progress in your system and receive notifications to stay on the same page.

4. Sales Tax Automation

Let’s face it — tax calculations are tricky, but with order management software, you can leave the complex calculations to your tools. Now, you can easily and accurately collect sales taxes without turning it into a chore.

There’s even an optional geolocation integration to pinpoint your customer’s exact tax rates, helping eliminate any surprises during the sale and making it easier to file your taxes later on.

5. eCommerce Integration

The integrations of order management software are truly endless for your eCommerce business. You can integrate with platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Amazon, to automate your entire order.

This enhances your online ordering from top to bottom, ensuring your sales process is streamlined no matter where your customers find you or where they place the order.

6. Credit Management

When you have full accounting integration with your order management software, your entire sales team can see your customers’ current A/R balances in real-time. This ensures your customers stay up to date on their invoices – and will not allow them to place new orders if the tool finds they have exceeded their credit limit.

This can help you improve relations with your customers if you notify them of a payment issue they were unaware of and helps you avoid the bad situations that emerge from working with customers who have poor credit.

7. Accounting Automation

When you can auto-generate your invoices and purchase order records you eliminate the majority of accounting-related data entry. This saves your accounting team time and helps prevent data-entry-related errors and delays. As a bonus, you’ll also free your accounting team up to focus on planning and cash management for your business.


Surely you can see the value in having order management software if your business has multiple warehouses or sells on multiple sales channels. Order management software is imperative to ensure that your order fulfillment is seamless on every possible platform.

Your sales likely come in from a wide variety of channels, making the process of keeping up more complicated than ever. Order management software ensures a sale never gets lost and that you’re able to manage them all together, in one place.

Your business needs an order management system to handle the volume of orders coming your way to avoid bottlenecks, improve your vendor relationships, customer experience, and, of course, boost your sales.

Reliable order management software from aACE is here to help you manage your sales more efficiently. Check out our feature highlights to see what aACE can do for you today.

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