Spring Into Our May Webinars

Spring Into Our May Webinars

Learn how our comprehensive business management solution for Mac or PC can help increase your business’s efficiency while improving your bottom line. Last month, we covered topics ranging from the very basics of aACE and the fundamentals of accounting and transactions to the sleek aACE Pick App and aACE CRM App. Here’s what we have in store for May:

May 5th – Cost of Goods Sold

Demystify your cost of goods sold with aACE’s advanced tools for COGS reconciliation. Learn about estimated vs. actual cost, how aACE handles products with multiple vendors, when and how to run the COGS process, and more.

May 7th – Campaigns, Templates, and Rate Cards

Learn how to save time and prevent errors related to duplicate data entry with standardized orders, purchase orders, pricing, and more.

May 12th – Expenses and Credit Card Purchasing

For many companies, tracking expenses can be a nightmare – whether you’re reimbursing employees or reconciling charges on the company card. Learn how aACE makes it easy to accurately record business expenses and use credit cards for purchasing and see our Expenses App in action.

May 14th – Production and the aACE Job Shop App

Your production process has a lot of moving parts, and your business depends on keeping them all running smoothly. Learn how aACE can help save time and reduce data entry errors with our robust production tools, including the aACE Job Shop app. Before the webinar, check out our feature highlight and demo video to get an advance look at the app.

May 19th – System Administration and Document Management

Take an advanced look at aACE system administration and document management. Learn how aACE makes it easy to manage system preferences, user access privileges, and system notices. Our powerful segregation-of-duties tools gives you full control over what your users can see and do, while aACE’s document management system allows you to attach files directly to records in aACE, ensuring that you always have the information you need right at your fingertips. Check out our feature highlight and demo video for a sneak peek.

May 21st – Commissions

Discover how aACE’s comprehensive commissions tools can help you incentivize your sales team and reward your affiliates for referring new business.

We look forward to seeing you in our May webinars! Reserve your seat now for a chance to see aACE in action and ask questions of our senior developers in real time.

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