Run Your Business on a Mac

Run Your Business on a Mac

Software for Mac

Robust Operating System
OS X is called the world’s most advanced operating system by Apple. The Mac environment is extremely user-friendly, incredibly stabile, features world-class security features, supports a vast majority of software needed by businesses and even supports Windows.

Business Management Software
aACE Business Suite has you covered. It’s a cross-platform, complete enterprise solution for 10 to 999 users. So even if part of your office continues to work on PC while some departments switch to Mac, you can use one business management solution company-wide. aACE can be customized to fit precise business management needs and it integrates well with other solutions and third party services such as shipping, positive pay, credit card processing via XCharge, Magento and Zen Cart. Read more about aACE software integration »

Office Products
Standard office products such as Word and Excel are available on OS X with Microsoft Office for Mac and Apple iWork provides many of the same software tools as Microsoft Office. OS X also offers businesses many built-in tools to run right out of the box, with features such as: Mail, Address Book, iCal, built-in PDF support.

Windows Compatibility
If you use software that only runs on Windows, software solutions such asParallels or VMWare can be installed on a Mac which will allow you to run Windows software simultaneously with your Mac OS X applications. Switching back and forth between the Mac environment and Windows is as easy as switching windows.

Hardware for Mac

What Hardware Will I Need to Run My Business on a Mac?
We recommend a dedicated server to run aACE Business Suite. This can range from a Mac Mini to a Mac Pro. The client workstations can be either Mac or Windows.

Backing up Business Data
It goes without saying that all data related to your business is of upmost importance. Losing any of it could be catastrophic. The Apple Time Capsule works well for regular back ups to an external drive.

For extra assurance against accident, theft, or natural disaster, consider off-site backup management and data recovery through a service like CrashPlan.

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