Organize Your Records with aACE’s Sorting Functionality

Organize Your Records with aACE’s Sorting Functionality

Being able to organize your records is a big deal. Without sorting options, finding a record or a group of specific records can become problematic. Having the ability to organize records with simple sorting methods can help save time as well as reduce frustration you or your team members feel.

aACE’s sorting functionality can help you categorize your records. Searching and sorting are different actions in aACE: search finds certain records while sorting helps organize a list of already-found records.

Interface Spotlight

Sorting in aACE is useful when looking for a group of records, and aACE offers several sorting options you can use for your lists of records. When you sort a list, aACE shows what you sorted your list by next to the module’s name.Depending on the sorting option, aACE will also display category headers for you to easily view the record list’s organization.You can sort your records by the column headers within the module. aACE will sort the current records in your list by the column you click on. Clicking on a column header multiple times will toggle the sorting format as ascending or descending.

Additional sorting options are also available. These sorting options vary depending on the module you are sorting in. If none of the out-of-the-box sorting options fulfill your needs, you can use aACE’s Advanced Sort option to create a custom and specific sort.

aACE in Action: Grouping Orders by Customer

Suppose a team member is approving job costs for a batch of orders. She uses aACE’s Quick Search features to create the list of orders she needs to approve. Once the list is created, the team member sorts the records by customer. Sorting by customer company places the records in alphabetical order. This sorting action groups orders from the same customer together, making it easier to approve job costs.

These easy sorting and organizing features are just some of the features of aACE that help you search and sort your records. See Always Find What You Need with aACE’s Advanced Search to learn about finding data in aACE.

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