Making Wishes Come True with Custom Designed Software on FileMaker

Making Wishes Come True with Custom Designed Software on FileMaker

Make a wish for your company. Let’s say you could ask a genie in a lamp for a tool that would amplify your company’s strength. What would that tool be?

Of course there are no magic lamps, but you can get the same kind of impact with custom-developed business software. There are developers, platforms, and toolkits that can address the exact pain points that will most benefit your company. Whether it’s trouble with warehousing, packing and shipping, invoicing, or some other business process, a hand-crafted solution can resolve the difficulty.

These days the closest thing to a genie in a lamp might be FileMaker, the development platform used worldwide to create designer software for small and mid-sized businesses. FileMaker solutions are cross-platform, supporting companies that run Mac or PC systems. These solutions can support a wide range of businesses, from digital service providers to light manufacturing centers. And they can leverage automation and streamlining to maximize your efficiencies and your company’s impact in the market.

Cost is the big question, though–who can afford custom-designed software tools? More entrepreneurs than you might think. FileMaker is reaching out to small business owners, offering the Idea to iPad bundle and the Service Bundle Toolkit at affordable prices. And when the package includes consultation hours from experienced developers, the only limit to what you can accomplish is your vision.

Download the free research report to learn more about how FileMaker is angling to make business process improvement wishes come true.

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