Interview with a (Citizen) Developer

Interview with a (Citizen) Developer

If you're starting to explore FileMaker as a tool for enhancing your business processes, let's first say―good choice. It's an award-winning platform that can support your entire operation if you invest the necessary time into it. Whether you serve a local, regional, or national clientele, and whether your systems are established on Mac or PC, custom apps on FileMaker can help your company perform better.

Roger Benedict's example proves that point. He is the owner, president, and citizen developer for a retail floor covering store in Colorado. Recently he interviewed with Don Tennant of Their conversation gives a unique view of creating custom apps.

Benedict summarizes the FileMaker value proposition this way:

"I think what FileMaker has found is there are people like me who have used their product to develop exactly what they want to develop, to make their business run the way they want it to run."

He is quick to admit the caveat that he has developed more with his apps than most users. His candid answers highlight an important detail: while this type of development is not overly complicated, it does require time and effort.

If you're interested in a business operations software package that can be fitted to your company (rather than the other way round), feel free to evaluate aACE 5. The basic installation includes much of the functionality needed for a small or medium-sized operation, and the ERP, CRM, accounting, and inventory modules can grow with your company.

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