Improve Your Business Processes with FileMaker Tutorials

Improve Your Business Processes with FileMaker Tutorials

Every entrepreneur who runs a small or mid-sized business knows how vital it is to use resources effectively. Waste, delays, and miscommunication can cost you time, money, and opportunities.

FileMaker also understands this need for efficient operations. This robust yet easily modified platform makes it simple to create software solutions that align precisely with your business needs. These build-to-suit apps run on PC and Mac, plus iPhone and iPad, and they don’t require extensive coding experience.

In fact, FileMaker has developed a library of guide videos to walk you through the process of creating a custom app that can target the pain-points that your organization struggles with. Whether you run a professional services company where the sales staff need to coordinate better, a wholesale distribution business that needs closer monitoring of inventory, or a light manufacturing shop where the staff in the office need to know what’s happening on the floor, a custom FileMaker app can help.

The video library is organized according to your role and experience level:

  • Tutorial 101 gives you an overview of what FileMaker can do. It’s useful whether you’ll be developing apps yourself or just using the tools that another citizen developer creates. It discusses common business problems, how a custom app can quickly resolve such challenges, and how the Starter Solutions can put you on the fast-track to solving these problems. It also gives users an overview of FileMaker navigation so they will be up-to-speed when the custom app rolls out.
  • Tutorial 201 concentrates on creating a solution. Beginning with the planning phase, it walks step-by-step through designing a data model that will be effective for your needs, then delves into creating the tools and layouts for your data. Beyond these basic aspects, this tutorial also explores how to make your custom solution as effective as possible for the end-users. Then it discusses calculations, reports, scripts, and security needs. This is the perfect starting point for a new citizen developer.
  • Tutorial 202 is designed to help you move forward when you realize the benefits of your custom apps. Once it’s in place, the next step is to add features that will give your team more of the functionality they need. This obviously requires user input, so this segment also discusses ways to test your app with users so you know for sure what’s working and what needs refinement. Under-the-hood, this tutorial explores script parameters and variables, multi-level reports, email automation, creating dashboards, and more.
  • Tutorial 301 focuses on new features in the 2017 release of FM16. The more advanced topics include using card windows, animations, and transitions for user interactions; creating PDF files; capturing signatures; and working with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data.

Beyond these training videos, at you can also view session recordings from DevCon 2017. If you were unable to attend, or if there were sessions that really sparked your interest this year, you can review the latest practices in the field by developers, users, and business teams. The resources in this area of the site are divided into two genres. Based on your FileMaker experience, you can study fundamentals for beginners, deeper functionality for experienced developers, and complex techniques for experts. Alternately, based on your business role, you can watch sessions focused on app integrations, on organizational success, or on setting up a FileMaker installation.

These free FileMaker resources can benefit you no matter what level of experience you have with developing company-specific apps. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn what they have to offer!


Tackling the pain-points of your SMB one at a time can help move your company forward, but there is a point of diminishing returns to this approach. Maintaining and coordinating a collection of apps will eventually consume more resources than it provides benefits. The solution to this challenge is an integrated suite of tools that supply a synergy across all departments of your business.

aACE 5 offers this operational synergy. This comprehensive yet affordable business suite integrates your accounting, CRM, and ERP tools. It generates optimal visibility across your organization, resulting in better use of time, better collaboration among teams, and better info for decision-making.

Learn more today about how aACE 5 can accelerate your business velocity.

“The aACE team was able to efficiently make required adjustments, and today we are operating in a system that is much more powerful, and much more integrated in our business process.” ~ Doug Jacobs, President, Restylers’ Choice

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