Improve Efficiency, Accuracy with a Workplace Innovation Platform

Improve Efficiency, Accuracy with a Workplace Innovation Platform

Getting ahead in today’s marketplace means constantly evolving to meet your customers’ needs. Shouldn’t your business management solution do the same for you? At aACE Software we believe it should – and that’s why we built our solution on FileMaker, which was recently ranked #1 in Workplace Innovation Platforms by G2 Crowd.

G2 Crowd defines workplace innovation platforms as “high productivity collaborative development tools used… to solve business challenges not addressed by existing systems.” Platforms like FileMaker allow businesses to easily customize solutions to fit their particular needs. Even simple applications make a big difference – FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Report found that out of over 400 businesses surveyed, 85% reported saving time and money after adopting a workplace innovation platform.

A problem many businesses face is having information siloed in different softwares and spreadsheets that don’t talk to each other – FileMaker’s report shows that 85% of the companies they spoke to reported this issue before they adopted a workplace innovation platform. These statistics back up what our own customers have been saying for years: patchwork solutions are a minefield of lost productivity and preventable data entry errors.

So how can you keep your business from falling into that trap? The first step is to implement a business management solution robust enough to support your core operations. For example, aACE fully integrates accounting, CRM, and ERP to eliminate duplicate data entry and easily share information across departments.

“All of the information we need is now contained and accessible and linked together, so a sales person can click on their order and see when purchase orders are due in or when shipments are due in and what has been ordered,” says Lance Caffrey of American Christmas, a longtime aACE customer.

He adds that the time his company has saved with aACE has had an impressive impact: “Company-wide, the need for internal follow-ups has been reduced by somewhere between 24 and 36 hours per week.” Companies surveyed in FileMaker’s report experienced similar success, with 57% revealing that implementing a Workplace Innovation Platform helped their business reduce the amount of time wasted on inefficient tasks by 51 to 100%.

You may find that implementing an end-to-end solution like aACE is all you need to increase the efficiency of your operations and the reliability of your data. But if you have complex processes that are particular to your business, you may benefit from an integrated custom app. FileMaker offers easy-to-follow tutorials for creating your own custom apps, which can be built to suit any workflow. And because aACE is built on the FileMaker platform, integrating an app with your aACE solution is a cinch.

“From a production and an accounting standpoint, I could not ask for a more comprehensive solution,” says Jasmine Crandall of the Midwest Bottling Company about her company’s aACE solution. “And because aACE is FileMaker-based, the customization possibilities are limitless. We will never have to alter the way we do business to accommodate our business management solution – instead, our solution is able to change to accommodate our needs as they develop.”

Check out our listing in the new FileMaker Marketplace to learn more about why our clients call aACE “the best in everything” and “a critical component to the success of our company.” And to see what aACE can do for your business, join a webinar today.

“aACE software is easy to use, intuitive, logical, and easily customized. It is clear that the architecture of aACE has been very well thought out. We were able to automate some previously manual processes that is resulting in literally hundreds of saved labor hours each month.” -Daniel Chapman , Founder & CEO, Redd Remedies

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