FileMaker Technologies to Boost Your Presence on the Web

FileMaker Technologies to Boost Your Presence on the Web

When you’re ready to ramp up your company’s offerings on the Internet, FileMaker Server provides two features that can help you accomplish your goals:

  • WebDirect – create custom apps that are accessible on any device through a web browser
  • PHP Web Publishing – create data-driven websites using your preferred HTML editor

Details on WebDirect

Leverage your FileMaker expertise to bring your apps to the web. This extends access to all your users whether they’re working from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Create your app and tune it for the web with FileMaker Pro. Define your page structures with HTML 5. Stylize the appearance with CSS3. Create interactions with JavaScript. Upload the app to FileMaker Server 15. Establish communications between the browser and your server with HTTP or HTTPS.

Then let people know they can use the tools anywhere and any time.

Details on PHP Web Publishing

Take your site to the next level with dynamic web pages powered by content from your FileMaker Pro back-end. Maximize user engagement with information customized to each visitor, including data drawn from your CRM package.

Using the FileMaker API, you can set up server-side programming to enable your users to search, sort, edit, and add information. In an economy where users expect more and more personalization as they shop, your dynamic site can exceed their expectations.


For extensive documentation and guides on these tools, check out the options on the FileMaker Technologies pages for web publishing.

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