FileMaker Platform + FileMaker Community = Your Success

FileMaker Platform + FileMaker Community = Your Success

Following up on our recent posts about FileMaker as the top-ranked platform for citizen developers, here is one way to get your developers up to speed–the FileMaker Quick Start Training.

This introduction to FM walks through some of the tasks that are most interesting to new developers. It provides the rationale for the tasks, gives time estimates for each stage, and supplies sample files to download.

One of the first things you might notice about this training is that it's housed on the FileMaker community pages. Likewise, it has been created by Mark Baum, a senior application developer, but not for FileMaker. This training program has been created by someone who uses the FM platform and is passionate about helping other people learn to use it.

That sums up the FileMaker community pretty well.

When you encourage your staff to work on custom apps with FileMaker, you're not only connecting them to a robust platform, but also to an active support group. It's a crowd-sourced team that is ready to answer questions and help your citizen developers succeed. Whether your system is on Mac or PC, whether your team members are nervous or hesitant, they'll be able to quickly create personalized tools for your business.

Moving up to the next level, you might realize that the DIY custom apps would be even more useful if they were integrated to a holistic package. It's a smart move, but a relatively complicated project. To quickly get the benefit of this kind of unified system, check out aACE 5. This accounting/CRM/ERP suite is built on the Filemaker platform and provides much of the essential functionality for your business right out of the box. Learn more today.

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