Confused About Drop Shipping and Sales Tax? Register Now for Avalara’s Free Webinar

Confused About Drop Shipping and Sales Tax? Register Now for Avalara’s Free Webinar

Sales tax rules are complicated enough when handling transactions between you and your customers, and adding a third party can seem to triple the confusion. You know that when a customer buys an item you have in stock, you’re responsible for collecting any sales tax they owe on the purchase. But what happens when they order a product from you and it’s shipped from a fulfillment center? Do you still need to collect taxes on something that was never in your business’s possession?

As more small businesses launch ecommerce stores, drop shipping is becoming an increasingly popular way to fulfill customer orders without tying up warehouse space with unsold inventory. But as with any tax regulations, the rules around sales tax and drop shipping may be more complex than you think. On Thursday, August 3rd, join Sales Tax Compliance Expert Shane Ratigan of Avalara for a webinar to clear it all up.

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Are you looking for a way to streamline your sales tax management? Avalara offers powerful and affordable sales tax automation software that makes calculating, collecting, filing, and remitting sales tax a breeze. And best of all, Avalara AvaTax integrates seamlessly with aACE to offer precise sales tax automation at the click of a button right from your order entry screen. Ready to make your sales tax headaches a thing of the past?

“[aACE] reduced the time needed to enter an order from hours to minutes. All transactions are easy and quick to enter.”
— Wendy Donenfield, CPA and Controller, M & R International

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