Claris International Introduces FileMaker Marketplace

Claris International Introduces FileMaker Marketplace

The past few months have been a time of exciting changes at Claris International – including the rebranding of the company formerly known as FileMaker, Inc. Among these new developments is the launch of FileMaker Marketplace, a new easily-searchable directory of FileMaker-based solutions that allows users to quickly find the apps, templates, trainings, and other products that best meet their needs. We’re delighted to share that aACE 5 has been given a prime spot as a featured listing!

At aACE Software, we know that having a strong workplace innovation platform can mean the difference between a business that’s thriving versus one that’s struggling to keep up. That’s why we built aACE on the FileMaker platform. aACE is a powerful business management solution for Mac and PC, robust enough to handle your company’s core operations out of the box yet flexible enough to be customized for your particular workflows. And thanks to the new FileMaker Marketplace, it’s easier than ever to extend your aACE solution’s functionality with a host of FileMaker-based integrations.

To learn more about how integrating aACE with other FileMaker solutions can help improve the speed and efficiency of your company’s operations, check out our success story on the aACE+ DayBack calendar integration. And to see aACE in action, register for a webinar today!

“All of the information we need is now contained and accessible and linked together, so a sales person can click on their order and see when purchase orders are due in or when shipments are due in and what has been ordered. Company-wide, the need for internal follow-ups has been reduced by somewhere between 24 and 36 hours per week.” – Lance Caffery, Chief Production Officer, American Christmas

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