Celebrating 15 Years of Art in ERP

Celebrating 15 Years of Art in ERP

In 2002, our founding team came together to develop an elegant business management solution for one of midtown Manhattan’s premier creative agencies. Since then we’ve evolved from a consultancy to an ERP manufacturer, but we’ve never lost sight of our ultimate goal: developing an affordable business management software for Mac and PC that helps small- to mid-sized businesses across America address their biggest challenges.

Our vision for software is that it should be more than merely a means to an end — it should be a finely crafted instrument helping you enrich your business. Over the past 15 years we’ve worked with dozens of clients in a variety of industries to create, refine, and perfect our software; our product isn’t based on theories concocted in a boardroom, but on the real day-to-day experiences of SMEs across the country. We are the composers, but our clients are the orchestra who bring our music to life every day.

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we’d like to say thanks to some of the companies who helped aACE 5 fulfill our dream of Art in ERP.

For a Company Switching From Windows to Mac, aACE Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Janibell, formerly known as Sinclair Worldwide, knew that changing from PCs to Macs meant they’d need to trade in their business management software too. But they didn’t just want to replace it with the same old ERP on a new platform — instead they wanted a sleeker, faster, more automated solution that could work for them, both during and long after the transition. They found that and more in aACE. Says Janibell President Bumkee Kim:

“aACE is a great all-around package that also offers flexibility and excellent design. The aACE user interface features a clean layout and shows that much thought and care went into the development of the software. We feel confident that aACE will serve Janibell for a long time.”

Read Janibel’s full case study .

After 30 Years in Business, Vacutherm, Inc. Finds Room to Grow with Help from aACE

A messy patchwork of solutions had slowed Vacutherm down for three decades — but President and Owner Jim Parker didn’t realize how much until he switched to aACE. The difference was like night and day. After 33 years of stretching the limits of its software, Vacutherm finally had room to grow… and grow it did, expanding its revenue by 800% in a single year. Here’s what Jim has to say:

“The implementation was flawless and respectful of our need to continue operating. It couldn’t have gone better. Even though we had many systems to integrate, the importation of our data was easy and the entire process was smooth and professional. I’ve never experienced as easy an implementation of anything like I experienced with the aACE team. I have recommended aACE to many of the manufacturers I work with in this industry and others. I think it could work for almost any type of business.”

Read Vacutherm’s full case study .

aACE Automates Operations for KNOCK, Inc.

Artistry is at the core of everything KNOCK, Inc. does. This branding and design firm needed a solution that was elegant and pleasing to use, but powerful enough to keep up with their explosive growth. Fortunately, that same artistry is at the core of everything we do, too. aACE offered the integrations they needed to streamline their business along with the graceful interfaces required to meet the high visual standards of their creative staff. Here’s what KNOCK’S President, Lili Hall, and Director of Creative Services, Erin McCloskey, have to say about aACE:

“aACE has helped us streamline many of our processes. We have a snapshot of each project with many of the important details being on one screen. We instantly see our profitability within our projects and have specific numbers or data regarding many aspects of our business. We would highly recommend working with aACE to anyone.”

Read KNOCK’s full case study .

Restylers’ Choice Sees Substantial ROI in Six Months with aACE

Doug Jacobs of Restylers’ Choice had invested seven years in building a custom in-house solution to manage his automotive graphics and accessories business, but he still found himself struggling to manage the many moving parts of his company. aACE offered a unique solution: the ability to integrate his existing infrastructure with a world-class ERP software. The result was efficiency beyond Doug’s wildest dreams. In just six months, aACE automation had helped Restylers’ Choice achieve a 90% decrease in declined credit cards, eliminate a full day’s worth of accounting work per month, and free up 2,000 square feet of warehouse space. Here’s what Doug has to say:

“Looking back at our transition to aACE, I realize how smooth the process went. Having been on our past system for more than 10 years, you know there are going to be problems and pains in transition. I had trusted advisors warn me that it would require years to “get comfortable” with the new system. The reality is that we were up, running, and processing orders very easily the first day of business on aACE.”

Read Restylers’ Choice’s full case study.


We want to wish all of our clients and partners a happy anniversary — we couldn’t have made aACE the world-class solution is it without you. Here’s to 15 more years and beyond of Art in ERP!

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