aACE To Help Easily Manage Orders

aACE To Help Easily Manage Orders


  • Order Entry.  Build each production item in a hierarchical view selecting components from the options interface or from the master list. Costs include fixed and variable material costs, fulfillment (labor) costs, and component/sub costs.
  • Margin Pricing and Progress Billing.  Price production items based on a margin that takes into account the full cost of the inputs, including bill of material components, optional components, and fulfillment labor costs. Progress billing allows for the billing of orders in percentage or fixed-dollar installments.






  • Regain lost sales through alternatives and suggestive selling. The aACE order entry interface provides links for alternative products and upgrades. Alternative products might include generic or premium versions. Upgrades might include complimentary items, service agreements, or warranties.
  • Accept payment at point-of-sale.  aACE’s payment dialog supports cash payments, fully PCI-compliant credit card processing, a “bill me” option for clients with extended payment terms, and the ability to apply account credits.
  • Know available inventory and easily manage back orders.  Order entry personnel can see available inventory balances and quickly investigate existing demand and anticipated shipments. Items can be flagged as back-ordered at point-of-sale or via the pick process. Receipt of back-ordered goods will auto-generated the necessary outgoing shipments.
  • Pick, Pack, and Ship.  aACE features robust processes for managing the pick, pack, and ship process. Our Shipping Log module supports incoming shipments (receiving), outgoing shipments, and both incoming and outgoing returns.
  • Auto-generate purchase orders for drop-shipped items.  The process sends a notification to the procurement group with a link back to the newly created purchase orders. Order entry personnel can also manage the procurement process directly from the sales order if applicable.


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