A Valentine for Our Clients – and the ERP Solution They Helped Build

A Valentine for Our Clients – and the ERP Solution They Helped Build

The fourteenth of February is the perfect time for expressions of appreciation. So we want to say Thank You to all our clients:

You have taken the time to learn about the operations software and ecommerce support we offer. You have given us the trust to deploy aACE to help your staff succeed and your business grow. And you have shared your insights about how we can make the best cross-platform, integrated accounting, CRM, and ERP software for Mac and PC. Because of you, we’ve been able to invest the past 15 years into refining a business management solution that is truly worth talking about.

And you’ve done that, too.

Your 5-star client testimonials not only boost our enthusiasm for the work we do, but also measure the value we are glad to provide. Capterra is one great collection of feedback about the work we’ve done, but we want to share some of the other statements our friends and customers have voiced:

“The customization available in this system is helpful for our business, allowing us to create unique reports and views that are specific to our projects and clients.” ~ Diana Ross-Gotta, Account Director, KNOCK Inc.

“aACE transformed our order fulfillment process during implementation by helping us see trouble spots in our processes.” ~ Derek Navratil, IT Administrator, Janibell Inc.

“Training new users is a snap. If ever there is an issue with the software I have a response in minutes and resolution soon after! Most of all it is affordable: the out-the-door price is less than most ERP yearly maintenance.” ~ Todd Breedlove, Vice President, Knight Hardwood Flooring Inc.

“The system has proven time and again to be a structurally sound and reliable business information workhorse. Downtime is barely measurable, even though we process thousands of transactions a day.” ~ Matthew Pelfrey, Director of Process and Compliance, Duggal Visual Solutions

“We’ve been utilizing aACE Software for several years and have worked with the aACE team on numerous customizations. They were able to synthesize our complicated processes from multiple software platforms and made the potentially painful process of switching to a new system very easy. It has created straight-forward interaction between departments and gives us a faster and more accurate picture of everything that goes on.” ~ Theodore Fotopulous, Operations Manager, Raydoor Inc.

“Excellent design with well-refined organization of information. aACE delivers seamless workflow.” ~ Bumkee Kim, Janibell Inc.

“We really enjoy working with aACE and appreciate the flexibility of the program. Our company has many functions — membership, a magazine, a bookstore — and we run all of that using this one solution. Having all our customer’s data in one place makes it so much easier for our customer service, sales, and marketing teams. Their jobs are much more streamlined and the sales team can even use aACE while they are on the road.” ~ Sabrina Fabian, The John Birch Society

“We export paper, which has its unique accounting quirks. The aACE team was the only vendor we spoke to that was willing to prove it could accommodate these needs.” ~ Wendy Donenfield, CPA and Controller, M & R International

“The aACE team learns so much about your business and your workflow, then helps you come up with solutions to make you and your team more efficient. Then they adapt their robust product to achieve those goals. They are also there to tweak the product as your business adapts.” ~ Neil Suss, Controller, Crew Cuts, Inc.

“Since implementing it in 2014, we have made many customizations and changes as our business needs have changed. The difference with aACE is that we won’t have to just toss out the product every 3-5 years and start all over; we can constantly customize and update the software to our needs — it grows with us.” ~ Brittany Ulrich, Vice President, ASAP Event Advertising


Thank you for joining the aACE family! And if you haven’t yet, contact us today to learn what aACE can do for you.

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