4 Ways to Streamline Operations and Delight Customers in 2021

4 Ways to Streamline Operations and Delight Customers in 2021

For companies across every industry and function, 2020 will forever be a defining year – and as we transition to a new normal, 2021 is shaping up to be just as pivotal. Although some businesses have struggled to meet changing customer expectations, it’s safe to say that some behaviors prompted by COVID-19 are here to stay. According to a recent study by Blake Morgan, post-pandemic, consumers will care even more about customer experience.

Companies that are stuck in a routine and fail to adapt to new demands will be left behind. One critical way to modernize operations and enhance customer satisfaction is to simplify processes and pinpoint redundancies that need to be eliminated. Minimizing the amount of steps to accomplish tasks allows businesses to save time, costs, and focus on high-quality products and services, with fewer errors and delays.

An efficient and automated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution can help streamline multiple disparate systems into a single easy-to-use platform. Now more than ever, ERP solutions are critical for enterprises who are looking to improve efficiency and better serve customers. Here are a few ways to use an ERP solution to streamline operations, save time, and delight your customers:

Deploy an Advanced CRM

Strengthening the relationships with your customers requires an understanding of who they are and what they want. However, your relationship and understanding of your customers can not be separate from the rest of your business — you risk data duplication, decreased visibility, limited cross-departmental collaboration and more.

With data aggregated and key business functions collaborating on the same platform, customer service can significantly improve. While an ERP and CRM solution can offer benefits on their own, an integration allows you to take advantage of what both have to offer. Seamlessly move customers from lead to conversion within a frictionless environment — track customer journeys, manage communications, and get insights on behaviors that will help you better meet their needs.

Optimize Customer Facing Workflows

By integrating your sales and service data with marketing and finance, you’ll be able to identify pre- and post-sales processes that need attention and improvements. A strategically implemented ERP can help you eliminate the pain of waiting for updated sales figures and inventory schedules. Instead, real-time reporting will allow you to reduce bottlenecks and adopt a flow. According to a study forecasting the growth of ERP software through 2026, the primary factor driving the growth of the ERP software market is the rise in need for operational efficiency and transparency in business processes.

One of the best ways to optimize workflows and boost performance is to standardize processes. Standardized workflows enable automation, reducing the need for manual labor and the possibility of human error. It’s important to remember that standardization requires careful thought and must be balanced by customization. Once properly implemented, however, your business can grow sustainably and meet customer expectations.

Get Your Time Back

A recent study found that small businesses with ERP systems can make decisions in 36% less time than businesses without these vital solutions. By centralizing previously siloed systems, time becomes a readily-available resource. A well-designed and strategically implemented ERP will centralize essential business functions, automate processes, and make daily operations more efficient. This newfound time and freedom isn’t reserved for one department — sales, operations, finance, IT, production, marketing, and more will all benefit. With less time spent on manual and routine tasks, your team can focus on the most important objective: the customer.

Create a Seamless Path to Purchase

Loyal customers are created during an efficient, transparent, and automated order fulfillment process. By centralizing operations in an ERP solution, enterprises can utilize data to create an expedient, cost-efficient, and frictionless order process. A smart ERP will enable comprehensive automation capabilities, modernizing the order capture process and accelerating order fulfillment. This enhanced efficiency helps to delight new customers and retain existing ones.

Looking Forward

In order to maintain the momentum we built in 2020 and grow in 2021, businesses need to look for software and tools that can help them build more efficient processes and prioritize servicing the growing expectations of their customers. In order to streamline processes, siloed systems have to begin to talk to each other and a business flow needs to be uncovered and maintained. A sound ERP solution can help your business grow sustainably, decrease bottlenecks, and foster meaningful relationships with customers.

Choosing the right ERP system starts with evaluating the goals of your business. At aACE software, our mission is to help small-to-midsize business owners increase their efficiency and improve their bottom line. Our single, comprehensive business management solution is easy-to-use and is meant to compliment your long-term vision. For more information, contact us to be connect with an aACE partner.

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